Self-employed business partner

For the support of our european business expansion of the company Ringana we are currently looking for highly motivated natural talents, that are eager to transport our outstanding philosophy. You are communicating professionally to your clients and your team and support this green business with selling and marketing activities.


Furthermore you are building up and lead your team.



- you are a strategic thinking person


- you are visionary, extraordinary and new-age thinking


- you love to develop your personality and are eager to gain a great work-life balance


- you plan, coordinate and work on your set goals


- you are aware of new medias


- you are communicative and love to inspire people


- you are nature-loving and think ethical and sustainable



... then this business opportunity is absolutly perfect for you.



You can work from your home office and will be introduced perfectly into the system and get a total "how to" from us. You work as a leader and still have the opportunity to develop and be led. e


This sounds great for you?